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Marketing & Barter : Consulting and strategy services. Have fun... make sales.

Business Growth: A successful business needs to advertise, develop branding and increase MARKet awareness to gain new clients or MARKet share.

During these challenging economic times, a business needs every advantage possible to sustain and grow.

The economic stimulus plan by MARK gives businesses this opportunity through revolving credit for the purchase of major advertising through Partnered Solutions. Companies using the plan pay for the advertising with guaranteed new sales of their products and services. Through my stimulus plan we financially guarantee each company will make new sales at least equal to the amount spent on advertising and other business services.

Use your company's products, services and other assets to finance major advertising campaigns and projects.

Increase sales of your main product lines at full retail price

Get up to full retail value for your under performing assets, excess capacity and perishable inventory.

Improve your cash flow - Expand your market share - Open new distribution channels.

Local, National and International reach Ad Funding Solutions.

PROMOTE your value as a currency!

Save your CA$H